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October 2018


We had our assembly on Thursday, we performed our play ‘The Vikings’. Rebecca was doing the music on the computer, Neve was a Viking woman. It was all about a father and his two sons going on their first raid to Lindisfarne. They had to go over the sea to collect their loot. It was...
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Year 6 Workshop – Jake and Cisco blog: ‘We have been building bridges inspired by the famous engineer, Iambard Kingdom Brunel. He built bridges, tunnels and boats, his most famous ridge was called the Clifton Suspension Bridge. He built a boat that could hold 4000 people and 10000 soldiers! We all had a go at...
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We were making viking helmets in PPA this week whilst a couple made Thor’s hammer for our class play which we are going to do in assembly. We are still reading Beowulf, we are on page 109! Beowulf has just fought off the giant sea serpent! We’ve been looking at the lowest common multiple –...
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