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October 2019


Lennie, Imogen and Harper Blog: We made skeletons out of paper, we cut it out and stuck it all together to make our bodies.  We  had a story called ‘Funny Bones’ its all about a skeleton, they go for a walk in the park, a dog crashes into a tree and trips over a bench...
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Tilly and Hayden blog: We’ve been researching some Shang dynasty facts using Google Chrome and Word.  We found some non-chronological facts and then  sorted them into years and wrote  a story.  In PPA we’ve been writing our names in Chinese: it’s quite difficult but fun, we write in gold metallic pens.  We’ve also made some...
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Bella and Frankie blog: In art we are making Tutankhamen masks.   We are going to put them on our display board. We had yoga this week, it was good fun but made our legs ache! Jacob was funny because he kept falling down! We had to do the bridge, it is easy for girls but...
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