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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

Bumblebee blog

Aubry and Geordie blog:

We’ve been doing some fractions in maths, splitting them half.  In PPA we’ve been making clowns in card and adding a clown face.  We made book marks out of card, folded them into triangles and then turned them into monsters or dinosaurs.  Aubry could have the special black card as it was his birthday!  We had a writing and reading test, at first it was easy and then it got harder.  In boxing this week we learned how to punch properly it was really good fun! We made circus tents in PPA and others went cooking and made Hedgehog buns.  Yesterday was World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters.  Our classroom was the Fairy room – we went round the class rooms as they all had a theme.   Geordie went to Neverland where he made a treasure map and coloured in pirates pictures and made pirates!  Aubry went to Harry Potter’s Room where he made a box where he called put funny flavoured jelly beans in and chocolate frogs!  It was great fun and we’ve had a great week.