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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

Bumblebee blog

Olivia and Olivia blog:

In English we’ve been writing our own stories: we wrote about each other, one went to New York and the other went to the jungle.  We had  great adventures.  Olivia got lost in a thunder storm! In New York we found a dusty map and we followed it! Our topic this term is about ‘The Beach’.  In PPA we made pretend ice creams with paper and tissue, others went cooking and made vegetable fritters with tomato ketchup – they are a bit of a challenge as they have so many vegetables in them! In maths we are learning about money, it’s great fun! We watched a dvd this week called ‘The Cloud’ – it became very angry and made a thunderstorm and it rained! Afterwards we retold the story in our own words.   We have started to make sandcastles to go on our new display all about ‘The Beach’.