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Autumn and Ololade blog:

We went to Whitstable beach on our school trip: it was such good fun! We went in the water without our shoes and socks on! It was really ‘tickly’ as it touched our feet.  It wasn’t cold! We saw a star fish, a jelly fish and some crabs. The jellyfish was see-through! They were big crabs.  We had our lunch on the beach, we even had a count down to lunch, it was so funny!  We had a lovely ice lolly or ice-cream.  It was really warm as the sun shone all day.  We went on a train, it was exciting! It was a long walk to the beach.  Some of us made art of the rocks.  It was a great day! We made music with year 5 this week, we used the ipads.  We made posters too. Some of us shared the music we had made up with each other. In maths we have made potions: inky slime, dragon blood, frog breath, mountain haze and troll boggies!  It was paint, glitter, water and sand! We have been looking at how much each jug or jar could hold and putting them in order.  It’s been a fan-tabular week!