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Bumblebee blog

Poppy and Lola blog:
We have superhero capes and masks to help us when we think we can’t do something which turns it around to ‘WE CAN’, it helps us really believe in ourselves and feel good. In English we are writing our own ‘Funny Bones’ Story: we are making the Bones go to different places. We really enjoy it, Poppy’s went to the water park and Lola’s went to the fair! We are learning about all our organs. We drew around the smallest person and then drew in the organs. We had heart, lungs, brain and stomach. We had dance today, we learned how to dance chops and copycat. We really enjoy doing it. We are learning about how Christians believe God made everything. We’ve drawn light and dark, sun, stars and moon and animals. It’s called Creation, on day 4 He made land, sea and sky. It’s been a fun week.