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Bumblebee blog

Riley and Natalia blog:

This week Rev Hans and Hilly his wife came into our classroom – we made stars and cards together. Yesterday Mrs Duncan baked bread with the whole class.  We made bread sticks as it was part of our topic.  Today we wrote instructions on how to make the bread sticks.  We made them with flour, salt, yeast and warm water.  We left to left them to rise and then we cooked them.  They were delicious, Riley ate four! Natalia shared them with her family.  We are making paper chains and cards and decorating our classroom.  It looks lovely.  Our elf has been so naughty this week: upsetting all the books, spilling all the glitter and he went on the swing and the bee! We had our performance this week too, Natalia was an inn-keeper and Riley was a shepherd.  It was cool! We wish you all a very Happy Christmas.