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Natalie and Poppy blog:

Our new topic is ‘Up,up and Away’. We are making hot air balloons. We looked at how the first balloon was made. We copied the story about the two brothers who invented the hot air balloon. We learnt all about how they tried to fly the balloon. The first time it didn’t fly but they tries again. when it worked he kissed the balloon! They were happy. In maths we are working on 2D shapes, we’ve made pictures and used pins to put them together. We made a diamond, square and a hexagon. We had some boards and rubber bands and made more shapes! We have looked at what travels in the air, we’ve painted a hot air balloon, an aeroplane and an ‘old fashioned’ aeroplane. Some of us went cooking for the first time and we are making our own dinners this time- pasta, tomato sauce and meatballs. We had yoga with Peter, it was really good.