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Bumblebee blog

This week we have really enjoyed our English lessons. We worked in pairs. One of us got to look at a funny picture on the Mr Bainborough’s big TV and the other person was not allowed to look. We had to describe the picture to our partner. They had to draw what we told them. It was a lot of fun. It was teaching us how to use adjectives to make our writing better.

In PPA, we made dinosaurs out of paper plates. First we painted a background for it using watercolours. Then we cut the plate up and put the pieces together to make a dinosaur. Most of us made a diplodocus or a stegosaurus.

We did PE with Craig in the hall. We did dodgeball. On Friday we did street dance with Gemma. It was her last day. We had all written her a message and put it together to make a book for her.

On Thursday, we had a Wow day. We all brought our homework in from the term and we got to stand at the front and show everyone our paintings and models. We really enjoyed showing them off.