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Bumblebee blog

This week, our class has been learning about writing recounts in our lessons. You have to start with the 4 w’s. Who, when, where, why.
Then you have to write about the events separately, using a sub-heading for each event. Like this…
On Thursday, during PE, we balanced on bouncy pillows with a bean bag on our heads for 10 seconds. We also jumped side-to-side for 10 jumps. Next, we lined up and walked on benches that were up-side down.
On Tuesday, in the afternoon during PPA, we made nesting circles. A nesting circle is where you have lots of circles. Every circle has a name on and it also has a picture of the name. ‘Me’ was the smallest circle. The biggest circle was named ‘ The world’. Other circles were called ‘country’ ‘continent’ ‘county’ and ‘our local area’.
On Wednesday afternoon, half of our class went for a walk around Teynham. We visited the building site, train station and also saw park and the black Teynham sign post. We also saw a rainbow at the end of our walk. Mrs Pearson came with us. We went for a walk because our Topic is OUR LOCAL AREA. The other half of the class will go on Friday.
On Thursday we were learning all about absorption using paper and water.