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Bumblebee Blog

Amie and Imogen blog:

It’s Challenge Day today, we’ve been doing some awesome paintings all about Australia! we used ‘dot paints’ and drew all Australian animals like, kangaroos, turtles and frogs.  It’s been good fun although we got messy!  At Forest school we made mud pies and we found a cat! We went on our school trip to the Tower of London.  It was fantastic.  We saw some soldiers! We met a lady who told us all about Ann Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, they were Henry VIII’s wives.  The tower was a large castle, it had grass all around it and it flew  flags from the top. We went on a big big coach, it was good fun and we fell asleep on the way home!  We drove over Tower Bridge and saw HMS Belfast on the river.  It was an amazing day!