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Nosh, Axl and Davie blog;

We have been using the VR headsets this week to look at Antarctica: it was really exciting, we saw enormous icebergs, penguins, it was all white, frozen and cold. In one of the pictures there was a mountain, it had cracks in it, it looked like you were standing on the edge! We have been multiplying tens and twenties in maths using arrays.  We have been making a fact file for our topic, all about animals in the antarctic: elephant seal, penguin, killer whale and a colossal squid.  A killer whale does not eat people! The eyes of a colossal squid are the largest of any creature on earth! Penguins can hold their eggs in their feet to keep them warm! We’ve been blending colours of paint to make different shades.  We’ve been painting the ocean ready to put the animals of the Antarctica in it:  it will be a big display.  It’s been an exciting and best week ever!