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Dragonfly blog

Ruby and Layla blog:
We’ve been writing Autumn Poems and decorating pictures of them. We used the VR goggles today to look at tombs in Egypt, it was really good fun! It looks like you’re going to crash! We looked at statues of Gods and hieroglyphics and a huge, gigantic castle! We are now going to write all about it. In maths we are using base ten blocks and place value counters to build numbers, it’s great fun but challenging. We made a catapult in science. We used a wooden car, two elastic bands and two chairs to make the car move! We then measured how far the car travelled and recorded it. Some of us were on the floor, some on the chairs and others were cheering on! It was exciting as we explored what we could do. In another experiment we had two pencils and two elastic bands but that didn’t go so well, the elastic band snapped and we couldn’t finished. On Wednesday we watched a movie about hieroglyphics and then we painted and drew them in PPA. It’s been a great busy week of exploration.