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Term 4 starts February 25th

Dragonfly blog

Ashley and Oscar blog:

Today we have been experimenting with making ice-cream.  We put milk, caster sugar and vanilla into a small bag.  Then we had another bag which we put ice-cubes and salt in.  We put the bag containing the milk inside the other with the  ice cubes in and shook it hard.  Two spilt onto the floor! Some of the groups worked well and the ice cream was tasted: it was good! We had street dance with Gemma -we learnt the Bart Simpson.  Our topic is Extreme Earth and we’ve been  looking at Volcanoes.  We’ve drawn some and we are writing facts all about them.  In PPA we did portraits of ‘The Great Wave’ copying famous paintings.  Some of us went to Forest School, we had a tent challenge! It was really good.  We’ve been looking at where to place apostrophes in English.  We’ve been setting goals in ‘Jig-saw’ – a long term goal and a short term goal.  Oscar set himself a short term goal to be a gamer and a long term goal  to get better at football and help Terry at it.  Ashley’s short term goal is to be a better footballer and long term goal is to be a gamer. It’s been a fun week.