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Dragonfly blog

Tilly, Bella and Tyler blog:

In English we’ve been learning fronted adverbials – it’s where you connect two things together, for example, up in the clouds, I saw a unicorn.  We have also been writing a story, we had to be an animal being chased by another animal.   We’ve been speaking french when we take the register, we know that pique-nique stands for packed lunch, s’il-vous-plait means please.  In maths we’ve been doing column additions.   We’ve been thinking about the layers of the rain-forest in our topic, we’ve been drawing our own forest with all the layers – emergent, canopy, under-story and the forest floor.  We’ve been trying to copy the sounds that you can hear in the forest like a frog, dripping rain and leaves rustling.  We also know that leaves fight to get to the light in the forest. In science we looked  at a clip about electricity.  On Monday we had boxing, it was good fun we learnt punching and dodging.