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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

Fox blog

Billy and Cali blog:

We’ve had some SATS test this week to prepare us for next year.  They were quite hard, no-one thought they were easy.  Today is red nose day – we’ve dressed up! We are all giving a £1 to help raise the funds. We are having a Talent Show this afternoon – it will be great fun watching everyone.  The drama club meets on a Thursday after school, we have had auditions for parts ready for our new play.  Cali is playing the Narrator.  It will be good as it’s so funny, and there are about thirty of us in it.  Mrs Deacon and Miss Tapsell are directors.  We’ve been learning about evacuation in WW2, how all the children had to be evacuated from some of the towns. We made suitcases in PPA  which were what the children would have taken to the countryside with them.  They all had to carry gas masks with them  in case a bomb went off! It was sad because they had to leave their families.  We’ve been learning fractions in Maths, mixed numbers and improper fractions, we both enjoy it very much, Cali just loves to learn things.