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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

Fox blog:

Ruby and Kayleigh blog:

We are all going to see a ‘War Time House’ today as WW2 is our topic this term.  Half of our class have gone this morning and the rest are going this afternoon.   We’ve been practising our play which is all about WW2, there are two parts, the air-raid group and the evacuee group.  We are really enjoying it, it’s interesting because it’s true.  We are learning WW2 songs too.  In maths we’ve been learning how to add and subtract fractions.  It’s been quite hard and it gives you are headache but we’ve worked it out together. In  English we are reading ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, we are up to chapter 4, we’ve also watched some of the film.  We’ve started yoga this term, you can get really relaxed and at  the end we have calm time.  Eleanor made out of lego house showing what it would have loooked like if it had been bombed.  Billy, Alex and Shaun made a burglar alarm attached to a locker that buzzed when you opened it.  Ruby, Vinnie and Layla made a trip wire that when you went over it,  buzzed.