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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

Fox blog

Ellis and Eleanor blog:

In RE we’ve been learning the synagogue, a place where the Jews pray and keep an ‘arc ‘ which contains their Torah scrolls. The rabbi, the teacher,  wears a tallit, a shawl, which represents the four corners of the world and the tassels the ten commandments.  The Star of David is known as the shield of David which is the symbol of Judaism.  They have a festival called Hanukkah which celebrates the everlasting light.  In English our topic is space and we’ve been learning about the 12 planets and the War of the worlds.  It’s really good, the 12 planets make us laugh every time we watch it! We’ve been figuring out angles in maths, deciding what are 180, 90, 45, 360 degree angles. We went outside Miss Tapsell called an angle and we had to represent it in the way stood.  For our topic of space, we’ve made paintings of the galaxy, using swirls, pastels and paints. Some of us went to Forest School where we made fairy blankets – cotton pads with petroleum jelly which can lit with a flint when it is striked.