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Jayden and Bradley blog:

On Monday we had Challenge Day: it was all about magic.  We learnt some card tricks, cup tricks and crayon tricks! It was the Best Challenge Day ever! There was a Dragon called Dokey the Donkey, he was funny and made everyone laugh.  We watched a Laurel and Hardy film: it was very funny.  It was a action movie, they tried to carry  a piano up some stairs, they tried five times, eventually got it to the top to hear that they need not have done that, they could have driven round to the side of the building! We made our own silent movies. they were all really funny.  We went into groups, we were given a theme and Miss Tapsell took the videos. We have started our new year six books in Maths and English, they are massive but we are excited to be starting them.  In maths we are looking at negative numbers: they have a minus sign in the front of  them. We designed our own red carpet outfits.  It’s been a great week!