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Fox blog

Fred and Ruby blog:

In maths we have been doing times tables, we enjoy them and are problem solving .  In English we’ve finished the FireMakers’ Daughter, it’s been a good read, the story was good and Fred’s reading it all again at home.  On Monday it was Challenge Day and we created a bridge out of spaghetti !  We tried to make a chair that we could sit on out of cardboard.  We worked with year ones and tried to make a pyramid out of cups, elastic bands and string.  It was good fun and we managed it!  In PPA we made shadow puppets and then acted with them in front of the class.  Our homework was to create the Great Wall of China, we made it out of boxes and sweets.  Some of us went cooking and made pasta sauce and meatballs, it was lovely, Ruby’s mum really loved it.  Next week is our holiday – its been a great term, both of us have loved it.