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Term 4 starts February 25th

Fox blog

Isaac and Reece blog:

We’ve been writing stories all about a bear who stole the chinook! It is a warm dry wind that blows in the Rocky mountains of Canada.  In science we are learning chromatography: its how water travels up paper.  You wrap the paper around a pencil, then put it on top of a cup containing water, you draw whatever colour you chose in a design on the paper, the water travels up the paper  and colour spreads down the paper and changes it: it’s really interesting and we’ve enjoyed doing it. In RE we are learning about Moses. He ran away and if he gets caught he will be arrested! He killed someone.  If he doesn’t go back to Egypt about 100 police will come to help to arrest him! We have been using VR headsets – we looked at a mountain with an abandoned house behind it.  There were some people walking up the mountain.  It’s really interesting.  In PE Craig comes in to school and we play football based games.  It’s great fun.  We played a game called ‘Fireball’ and if one person gets hit the whole team is out! It’s been an amazing week!