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Fox blog

Aidan and Violet blog:

We’ve made head-dresses and totem poles in PPA  because it is part of our topic this term Native Americans.  In science we’ve been looking at  DNA.  We were looking at what we inherit through generations. How we look like our mums and dads.  We thought about cross breeding: a dog and a cat couldn’t bred together but some breeds of dog have been bred together like a labrador and a poodle is a labradoodle. We looked how criminals could be caught if they’ve left their DNA or finger prints at a crime site. In PE we have been vaulting over the pummel horse using the spring board. It was great fun! We have been multiplying two digits by two and three digits. At the beginning it was quite hard but when we got the hang of it, it was ok.  Today is Fox’s Fun Friday! Miss Tapsell played the keyboard to us, we are learning in different ways.  We can work with whom we chose and the structure is different.  It’s been an amazing outstanding week!