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Vinney and Bradley blog:

On Wednesday we had a chocolate workshop, where someone from the Brixton Chocolate Museum came in and we tasted all kinds of chocolates.  We had been learning about the Mayans who used chocolate, they got it from the cocoa bean and made a drink from it, they spiced it and gave it to special people.  We tasted light and dark chocolate, some of them were nice, Bradley didn’t like the chillie chocolate! Vinney didn’t like it when he was making it and it was all slimey and sticky!! In maths we are learning about multiplication and long division, it is quite hard until you understand it.  We had street dancing, we have been learning a routine, it includes loads of different moves, it’s great fun!  Vinney’s sister is on the TV in the ‘Greatest Dancer’!  We’ve writing a newspaper report on the Mayans, pretending we have found an artifact! We went cooking and made Carrot Muffin cakes – they are delicious, the other group were decorating their Mayan masks.