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Hedgehog Blog

Oliver and Liam  blog:

This week we learnt some facts about David Walliams: he is a famous author, ator and judge from TV.  Yesterday in maths we had cardioids, you make a pattern by solving clues, it’s good fun but sometimes it gets frustrating.  On Monday it was Challenge Day, Mr Merlin the magician came into school and taught us all some magic tricks: card tricks, cup tricks, pencil tricks (where it floats or looks like rubber).  He could put a penny right through a hand! It was a fabulous day! Some of us went cooking we made cheese and potato croquettes and vegetable fritters.  We were learning about eating healthy and what our body needed.   In PE we played kick rounders – in teams, it was great! On Wednesday we had a lovely afternoon of science learning about all the different rocks.