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Hedgehog blog

Matthew and Lila blog:

On Monday we had a Challenge Day: Puzzling. We made spaghetti and marshmallows towers, Matthew’s team won! We had to find a way to move  cups with elastic bands and string, we couldn’t use our hands.  We made made runs out of cardboard and they had to run for at least 60 seconds! We had puzzles in the hall, we had to make a cube and different shapes.  It was a fantastic day!  Chloe and Vinnie went to Germany for a dance competition this week, we hope they won! This morning we had to take new prospective parents for our 2020 reception. We heard on Thursday about our new schools: Matthew hopes to go to Abbey and Lila’s waiting for a decision. On Wednesday we had our class assembly, it went really well! We told some facts and then performed a play about the Firemakers’ Daughter.  It’s been a busy week with things happening everyday.