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Term 4 starts February 25th

Hedgehog blog

Tom and Eleanor blog:

This week on Monday we were using the VR headsets to look at ‘Bear butte’.  It’s a mountain that looks like a bear laying on its tummy! We were using the picture to do some descriptive writing about it. Mrs Murray has been teaching us gymnastics, this week we did roly-polys on benches with dismounts. On Tuesday we had multi sports with dodge ball.  There were four groups and using an yellow ball if you hit someone they were out and if you caught the ball the person who threw it was out.  There was an orange ball that if it hit anyone all the team was out! It’s an amazing time. In PPA we made clay totem poles.  The week before we designed them and now they are drying. We are making fact files on Native American tribes, most people chose Inuits. In science we’ve been learning all about chromatography, its about separating colours.  We have used a filter paper with a coloured pen design on and watched the water absorbing the pens and the colours travelling up the paper.  We’ve had an exercise where we tried to find out who had  written a note with which pen, the culprit was Miss Brown! It was good fun! It’s been an incredibly interesting week !