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Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year
Term 3 starts 3rd January 2019


Food Tech

Welcome to the Children’s Kitchen


We have Christmas coming very soon, this year we have been making snow globes! Everything is edible so we are making gelatin globes – they are quite difficult to get set correctly but look amazing when sprayed with edible glitter, making it look like snow!  We have to blow up the balloons to just the right size, then dip into the melted gelatin  twice, leave them to set for twenty-four hours.  Peel the balloon away and hey you have a lovely gelatin globe!  We then melted chocolate and made our very own snowmen and Christmas trees.  We have a great recipe for vanilla cupcakes which we decorated with butter cream icing and our chocolate decorations, then added the globes – they look great and taste good too.

Thinking about those ‘bonfire nights’ we are making Gingerbread men (Download Recipe) – they are delicious!

We are starting this term to build a recipe book, so that each pupil will have a record of all the lovely things they have made at the end of Year 6.  We begin by  making Hedgehog Buns (Download Recipe), we would like to have a little more time to let them rise but as you can see they are looking quite scrummy, and smell delicious.