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Food Tech

Welcome to the Children’s Kitchen

New Year 2019 -2020

We are looking at recipes from different countries this year.  In term 1 we will be cooking Apple Pies, which have been a favourite in the England for many years.   We will be peeling, chopping and cooking apples and making our own pastry cases into apple pies. Italy is well know known for its pasta – we are going to make our own tomato based sauce, cook pasta and make meatballs to go into the sauce: a complete meal which hopefully we can make for our families at home.  Scotland is famous for its rich Shortbread, which we will be making into fingers ready to have with a lovely cup of tea.  Christmas we will be making a French chocolate log and decorating it !  In January we will be making our own soup and potato cakes famously produced in Ireland.  Every pupil has the opportunity of making six different recipes each year and we finish with Welsh cakes and if we have time some drop scones which are renowned throughout Wales. 

Sausage meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta

Apple Pie

Scottish Shortbread

Irish Vegetable Soup   

Buche de Noel

Irish Potato Farls

Welsh Cakes



 Term 6 and we are making Caramel Meringue Tarts.  We make our own pastry, caramel and meringue.  We are looking at how the ingredients change state.  We separated the eggs into their three parts and used a plastic bottle to divide the egg whites and yolk it was so interesting.  The caramel starts out liquid then sets into a solid and is quite delicious.  The egg white starts as a clear liquid and once beaten is white and solid! They are great for a summer party and really good fun to make.  Caramel Meringue Tarts   


Learning about Healthy Eating we are peeling, grating and chopping many different vegetables and then putting them all together and making Vegetable Fritters/Croquettes – they are full of vitamins and are great dipped in tomato sauce at a picnic or BBQ.  Vegetable Croquettes.

A team of four from Year 5 have entered the ‘Kent Is Delicious’ Cooking Competition run by Canterbury Diocese.  They made Brioche bread and then a breakfast called LBT (Luscious Breakfast Toasts) served with local apples, strawberries, honey and yoghurt.  Let’s wish them good luck !

 Kent Is Delicious competition    

As the groups have now changed over we are making Calzones so that everyone has a turn, they are really popular as they are so delicious.  We have had a treat the last two week of term and are making Snickerdoodles – a recipe from USA of a very soft cinnamon cookie, we are all enjoying them!

We’ve been thinking about spring as Easter approaches and are making a bouquet of shortbread daffodils! They are delicious and to make 12 all you need is a star cutter, a piping nozzle (to make the trumpet) 55 grms caster sugar,  150 grms cold butter and 180 grms plain flour, cream butter and sugar and add flour.  Roll out and cut star out star shapes.  Insert lollipop sticks whilst still warm so as not to split the biscuit.  Roll our yellow icing, cut out star shapes and using warm jam decorate biscuits.  Make trumpet by moulding around nozzle.  Enjoy!

Making carrot muffins has been teaching us how to use graters and peelers.  Having a vegetable in our cakes was different to what we have been used to but it made the muffins moist and delicious, especially putting the cream cheese topping on and making our own carrots out of fondant icing.


We are concentrating on healthy eating – looking at the Eat-Well Plate and learning about vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins and food groups.  We are making Calzones  they are made like a pizza, filled and then folded.  They have sources of all three food groups so when served with a lovely green salad are very nutritious and filling.  We use dried yeast as we did with the hedgehog buns.  We all have the choice of pepperoni, ham, cheese for protein and sweetcorn, tomatoes and peppers for vitamins.  They smell lovely as the cheese melts inside follow the recipe here:



We have Christmas coming very soon, this year we have been making snow globes! Everything is edible so we are making gelatin globes – they are quite difficult to get set correctly but look amazing when sprayed with edible glitter, making it look like snow!  We have to blow up the balloons to just the right size, then dip into the melted gelatin  twice, leave them to set for twenty-four hours.  Peel the balloon away and hey you have a lovely gelatin globe!  We then melted chocolate and made our very own snowmen and Christmas trees.  We have a great recipe for vanilla cupcakes which we decorated with butter cream icing and our chocolate decorations, then added the globes – they look great and taste good too.

Thinking about those ‘bonfire nights’ we are making Gingerbread men (Download Recipe) – they are delicious!

We are starting this term to build a recipe book, so that each pupil will have a record of all the lovely things they have made at the end of Year 6.  We begin by  making Hedgehog Buns (Download Recipe), we would like to have a little more time to let them rise but as you can see they are looking quite scrummy, and smell delicious.