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Open Evenings 8th/9th October

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Conner and Maddie blog:

Our topic is Romans and we have made some of their shield positions – they are the ‘Tortoise’ and the ‘Orb’.  The orb was used to protect a person with no weapon, who would be placed in the middle of the circle with the shields around them.  The tortoise was used to protect everyone’s heads in groups.  We all pretended we were being attacked and got into position as you can see in the photos. Our homework was to make shields and swords, we’ve enjoyed it very much.  In maths we are doing column additions, subtractions are harder but we are all managing and enjoying it.  We have started a new book called the ‘Journey of Iliona’ – it’s all set in Roman times about a girl who has been  taken by pirates, it’s quite exciting!  We have written persuasive letters to the Emperor of Rome to stop slavery! Some of us went swimming and learnt backstroke! In science our topic is rocks – we have been learning about the different types – igneous, sedimentary and one other, we even know where to find them! Its great fun! We have had a lovely week, including art and making clocks – we’ve been so busy, it’s been great.