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Katie and Alfie blog:

This week we’be been learning about Pompeii because our topic is the Romans.  We’ve been learning all rocks.  The volcano erupted and the whole place was covered in ash.  The lava went further than 100 miles! No-one could escape! The people died! We can see some of the buildings today.  In PPA we’ve been learning some French – how to greet someone and tell them about ourselves. We are enjoying it.  In maths we are adding and subtracting using the column method – some of it is quite hard but we are all achieving it.  In English we are reading a journal written a long time ago.  The Romans become slaves and only the boys can go to school.  It wasn’t a good place to be.  We went to Faversham pool swimming on Thursday, some are learning to swim and others who can swim are doing lengths in the big pool.   We’ve made Roman clocks with Roman numerals on, as our homework we made Roman shields.