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Rabbit blog

Ruby and Riley blog:

On Monday we had Challenge Day, it was all about magic.  We had a professional magician he did tricks and had a really funny Dragon. We designed our own advertisement pretending that we were magicians that could do tricks. We made paper rabbits that came out of a hat! It was a great day! Jake came on Tuesday and we got all the keyboards out and played on them, making music.  We went swimming on Thursday, we jumped into the pool ! Riley thought he was drowning and the teacher pulled him out – it was such fun! In PPA some of us went to Forest School: it rained and we all got soaked but it was great fun.  We got our new books for Year 4, they are so big! We are excited about using them.  Our homework was about writing about our favourite singer.  We have been learning about the war and all the songs that they sang.