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Rabbit blog

Ashley and Maddie blog:

We had sports week last week: it was amazing! Every day we had something different to do: skateboarding, boxing, swimming, trampoline, rounders, primary fitness and Sports Day. We had a book review this week about the ‘Wonky Donkey’, we had to rate it with a star, Ashley only gave it a half but Maddie gave it five! In science we put water into sand, clay and soil to test if it was permeable.  The sand was permeable, soil semi-permeable and clay impermeable.  It was really messy but interesting.  In maths we have been multiplying in columns, it was difficult but we managed to succeed because we persevered. In RE we are learning about Sikhism, they never cut their hair or drink alcohol. When they enter their  Gurdwara they have to take their shoes off and sit on the floor, they wash themselves and cover their hair.