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Rabbit blog

Joshua and Sienna blog:
We had our class treat this week, because we filled up our marble jar, we’ve done really good work. We watched the ‘Lego Movie’ – it was really good fun! We had crisps and biscuits to eat. We’ve been making death masks for our topic work. We are painting them today and making a lovely display. In maths we’ve been doing number problems: they are quite hard. In English we are writing a diary all about Tutankhamen! It’s all about how his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter. Some of us went cooking this week, we made meatballs, pasta and pasta sauce. Josh’s dad ate all if it! In science we are learning about friction, we made a car go down different surfaces. We timed it, so we could see how long it took, the car didn’t move down the foam! We had yoga on Wednesday morning, we learnt how to do a handstand! It is good fun! It’s been a great week.