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Rabbit blog

Kieron and Chloe blog:

In our topic, Egypt, we have been learning to make canopic jars: you put body parts in to go to the after life.  We folded card and drew an animal face, Chloe did a dog and Kieron did a cat, then we cut the face out and stuck it on another card which represented the body.  We decorated it and then put it on the shelf.  On Monday we had a Challenge Day.  We made a marble game: it’s where you send a marble round and round.  We went to our workshop where we did some problem solving: we made cubes and different shapes.  We had games where we had to stack cups without touching them. We had domino games – it was a fun day, we enjoyed it.  Some of us went cooking and made pasta sauce and meatballs, they were scrummy. We got a giant marble as we had such a good afternoon. We had our last yoga time, it was great.  Today is our last day of this term, we are going to have a dvd in the afternoon as a treat.  Next week we are on holiday – hooray!!