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Term 4 starts February 25th

Rabbit blog;

Aubury and Amie blog:

We are reading ‘The Twits’: Mr Twit got Mrs Twit’s walking stick and chair, he put bits of wood on it with glue and she couldn’t touch the floor! We made a mini water cycle: we planted cress and watched it grow as the cycle of water vapour to water all worked.  In PPA we had some animal pictures and then made up our own, putting on different heads, bodies and tails. Amie made a Hipsnakfish: hippopotamus head, a snakes body and a fish’s tail. Aubury made a Lorg: Lions’s head, tortoise body and a giraffes’s tail. They look funny!  We are reading and writing all about Volcanoes as our topic is about Extreme Earth.  We have been learning about the tetron plates and how the volcano erupts with the lava.  It’s been interesting.  80% of the Volcanoes are under the sea!  A school bus was trapped in the lava in Hawaii years ago.