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Father’s Day Picnic 14th June

Rabbit Blog

Alfie and Maddie blog:

In science we’ve been making static electricity – it’s where you rub two things together,  a balloon and our hair, and the hair tried to attach to he balloon! We also rubbed a piece of fabric with a hair comb until it was a little warm, and then we put it into some paper confetti and it stuck to he hair comb.  We learnt that we can generate our own electricity that isn’t harmful to us.  Atoms are really small and you cannot see them and everything is made out of them, as they move around they make static electricity. We’ve been rounding numbers in maths – for example if you have 45 you would go up to 50.  In english we watched a clip from ‘The Borrowers’ then we partly wrote a story about what it would have been like to be tiny.