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Squirrel blog

Evie and Ethan blog:

We’ve been counting money and finding out about how much it is all worth. We played bingo with pennies and won prizes.  We finished reading the ‘Storm Whale’ – the boy put the whale in his bath and saved it from the beach.  His dad took it back out to sea.  We made beach huts for our topic, it was good fun.  Our display has birds, the sea, boats beach huts, crabs, a lighthouse, a sun umbrella – it looks colourful and amazing! We have been looking at bird facts: puffins have a multi-coloured beak, they can dive for fish and swim with their wings.  We had a great sports week – we had primary fitness, trampolines, skateboards and learnt how to do cool tricks with a hoop. We had a big blue ball, it was enormous, and we had to keep it in the air.  We had a picnic with mums, dads and teachers on our Sports Day.