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Squirrel blog

Harper says ‘It’s been fun playing with lego.’

Oliver says ‘We’ve been writing about the squirrels falling down the waterfall’.

Mia says ‘ We started ‘Marvellous Me’.  We drew what we like to do. I like playing with Kitty the cat next door.’

Lennie says ‘ I’ve loved playing football’.

David says ‘I liked it when we were doing the ‘squirrel that squabbled’.

Mason and Dolly say – ‘We’ve been learning the names of the parts of our body.  We had to find the name of the body part and write it in the box and label it.’

George says ‘ We’ve been doing some reading with our friends’.

Betsy says ‘We have used playdough to make our family.  We used numicon to make 10.

Jack says ‘We used letters and sounds to make words.’