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Squirrel blog

Dolly, Maxwell, Oliver and Isla blog:

On Monday we had Challenge Day, we were solving problems.  We could make marble runs, towers and bridges.  We made our towers and bridges  with spaghetti and marshmallows! We made the runs out of cardboard and then we tested it with a cup to catch the marble.  We made a tower with cups, strings and elastic bands but we couldn’t use our hands!  It was good fun! We had to write down what the tooth fairy’s job is! We wrote down our phone number and sent a message to the fairy when our teeth are wobbly! In maths we have been subtracting and adding to 10! It was hard and not hard! In science we have been looking at our teeth – wisdom, incisors, molars and canines! We must brush them in the morning and night to look after them.  We had dance this morning, it was good fun! We had a tasting session this week – we tasted loads of fruit, pineapple grapes, strawberries and blueberries, everyone tried them and it was great!  We made pasta, meatballs and pasta sauce in cooking -it was tasty! Year 5 came in and we read together – it was great!