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Term 4 starts February 25th

Squirrel blog

Edward, Eva and Harper blog:

We have had bingo in phonics using the ‘igh’ sound.  It was really good fun and we played it with cards.  On the TV we played Simon Said with colours. We are learning our shapes and how to draw them. We’ve been learning sides, curved, corners, flat straight and lines all making 2 d shapes like circles, triangles and squares.  We have been describing a fire: big yellow, red and sizzling.  We’ve written a firework poem using our senses. Our topic is the Great Fire of London, we have learnt how it started in the King’s bakery in Pudding Lane.  The houses were so close together it spread very quickly.  The houses all burnt and it was just left in ashes. We have started a new book called Esio Trot. It’s all about a tortoise,he goes to sleep in the hay.   Some of us went cooking we made scary biscuits they smelt and tasted lovely !  We have had a wonderful week!