Our Sport’s Week July 2022

At Teynham we believe Physical Education is an essential part of children’s educational development. As a school, our aim is to deliver a fun and varied programme. We are passionate about the need to teach our pupils how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team, and to embed the understanding of fairness and respect.  Each week all classes will participate in high quality P.E lessons that support children’s physical development and their well-being.

“P.E is always fun because everybody gets to take part and try different sports. I like that we have different sportsman come into teach us  throughout the year. I loved when we had boxing  lessons!”  – Riley  

“Every year we always take part in  Sports Week that is full of different sporting activities and experiences. I love trying new things and look forward to it every year.” – Maddie 

“I love competing in competitions against other schools. I always feel proud when I get to wear our special Teynham kit.” – Brianna