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Regular attendance is critical if our pupils are to be successful and benefit from the opportunities presented to them. 

One of our basic principles is to celebrate success. Good attendance is fundamental to a successful and fulfilling school experience. We actively promote 100% attendance for all our pupils and we use a variety of weekly, termly and annual awards to promote good attendance and punctuality. 

All pupils

From DFE Guidance for school attendance Sept 2022

If your child is unable to attend, the parent must inform the school either by phone or email by 9:00 am. This is a safeguarding issue and school needs to know that children are safe.

If a child is required to leave school during the day for a medical or other appointment, please notify the office. We may ask for the evidence of the appointment for example an appointment letter.

Our attendance policy outlines more details including the procedures for requesting holidays and what is an authorised and unauthorised absence.