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Collective Worship

“I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me”

Phillippians 4:13

We have an act of Collective Worship every day, to which every child within the school is invited to attend (whole school, key stage or in the classroom).
Acts of Collective Worship are regularly led by Mrs Pearson (Headteacher), Mrs Murray (Deputy Headteacher) and the Rev’s Caroline Turvey and Jim Pye. We are also fortunate to have The Family Trust who take acts of Collective Worship three times a year.
The majority of teaching and ideas are Christian and follow the teachings of the Bible, which are explored and made relevant to life today.

Our School vision links the Christian Values we focus on across our school community and our Collective worship.

We cultivate a rich environment in all we do so that the school community, have the right to Learn, Enjoy, Grow, developing spiritually and having awe-inspiring learning experiences. Our children learn within a culture of acceptance, build resilience and flourish in unique ways, underpinned through the teachings of Jesus, through God and in his world.

Culture of acceptance – Respect and Compassion

Build resilience – Perseverance and Trust

Flourish in unique ways – Courage and Service

Term 1 – Trust
Term 2 – Service
Term 3 – Respect
Term 4 – Compassion
Term 5 – Perseverance
Term 6 – Courage

We ensure that the children always have a role within the worship. This could be planned or spontaneous and engage children individually, in groups or as a whole school community. There is time for children to be still and silent to reflect and think about key thoughts or the Bible message. Children are invited to pray, either personally (silently) or out loud as a group or on behalf of other children (Class prayers are part of Celebration act of worship on a Friday).

At the end of each term each class presents their understanding of that term’s value to the rest of the school through acts of Collective Worship.

Worship Wednesday
Every Wednesday children are invited to join in Worship Wednesday which takes place in the school’s playground. Children listen to, sing and dance along to religious themed music.