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Mabel – Teynham Parochial Church of England Primary School’s dog

Mabel is a fully qualified Pet Therapy Dog for all students within the school. Her handler is Mrs Butler who as well as being our SENCO is also our Assistant Head.

Mabel lives with Mrs Butler and her family and when she comes to school, she will in time listen to pupils read in a controlled setting, support during talking and restorative sessions, she will help during transitions into the school and be an integral part of the team. She will always be accompanied by a trained adult. She will undergo thorough and rigorous training and has so far proved to be extremely well-behaved. Whilst the dog is in school, she will have access to a dog crate in the office where she can relax during the day. This is where she will spend most of her time initially. Mabel will visit the vet regularly for all her injections as well as regular check-ups. If Mabel is unwell for any reason she will stay at home with a dog sitter!