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R.E is lead by Mr Wymer.

Religious Education is an opportunity for children to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally by helping them to acquire the knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other major religions represented in Britain. As well as learning about the beliefs of others, they will learn to develop their own beliefs and values. As a result, pupils have opportunities to learn both about religion and from religion.

R.E plays an integral part in the broad and balanced curriculum used at Teynham CEP School. Lessons take place in a variety of ways using varied and engaging teaching techniques such as drama, art, discussion, use of artefacts, stories and pictures. Children are encouraged to respond to key questions, ideas and beliefs and these happen in a variety of ways, both written and spoken.  ‘The Big Frieze’ (showing the chronology of the Bible) is displayed in each classroom, which garners discussion and debate from Year R to Year 6. The children enjoy talking about the images and the symbolism behind it and this allows independent thought as well as deepening the children’s understanding of major themes and stories within the Bible.


Below are a list of websites that you may find useful in order to support your child’s religious education:






Below is a table, which outlines the units learned in each class over the course of the year: