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We have a growth mind set culture.

    • We enjoy challenges.
    • We know that if we get stuck we can find a Plan B and keep on trying.
    • When someone else gets the answer right we know we can learn from them.
    • We know we can learn from mistakes.Our approach to growth mind set is based on the research of Carol Dweck (2000) which recognises that a child’s approach to learning can enable them to fulfil their potential and set them on the path to a love of life-long learning.
      There are two types of mind set – fixed and growth. A fixed mind set limits potential where as a growth mind set supports growth and development. All our classrooms have Growth Mind Set displays.Instead of thinking I’m not good at this we think about what about we might be missing.Rather than giving up we try a different strategy.We don’t worry that we have made a mistake, because we know that mistakes help us to learn.
      Instead of thinking this is too hard we persevere and put in more time and effort.

      How you can help at home:

  • Praise the amount of effort your child is putting in.
  • Encourage your child to be intrigued by mistakes and support their perseverance.
  • Challenge your child to try something new or different.
  • Model your own growth mind set for your child.