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Keep safe

Useful information

Our School Day

7:45am       Breakfast Club begins
8:40am      Gates open
8:50am      Gates close
8:50am      Teaching begins
10:20am    Break
10:35am    Break finishes
10:35am    Teaching begins
12:00pm    Lunchtime
1:00pm      Lunch ends
1:00pm      Teaching begins
3:15pm       End of day for KS1
3:20pm      End of day for KS2
4:30pm      After School Club ends

Mobile Phones/Smart Watches
Whilst we discourage mobile phones being brought into school, we understand that as older children become more independent and start walking to and from school they may want to bring a mobile phone. All mobile phones must be handed into the school office before going into the classroom. These will be stored securely and returned at the end of the day to the child.

Smart watches should be disabled from being able to connect to the internet whilst at school. Cameras on smart watches must also be disabled. If the watch is not disabled it will be store securely and given back to the child at then end of the day.

Dogs on Site
 We do not allow any dogs on any part of the school site. This is a health and safety directive from Kent Council.

All children are ill from time to time. If your child becomes unwell in school and we feel they need to go home we will ring you. We must have two contactable numbers in school. If you change your number please inform the school as soon as possible. If your child has had diarrhea and/or vomiting, they have to have 48 hours problem free before returning to school. If you feel your child is not well enough to attend school contact the school office. Open from 8:15am.

Essential medication will only be given at school if we have written permission from the parent or guardian. Forms are available at the office. The child’s name must be on prescribed medicines along with instructions on administration clearly shown.

Medication will be kept in a locked cupboard in the first aid room; inhalers will be kept in the teacher’s cupboard within the classroom, these will be taken out on school trips. Please clearly label any medication with your child’s name. Parents must ensure any medication is kept ‘in date’.

A particular troublesome problem! Parents are asked to be vigilant. Please notify the school if you find that your child has headlice. This information will be treated confidentially. A text will be sent home to all parents and carers to alert them of the need for extra care.

Head lice and nits – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

First Aid
The majority of school staff are first aid trained. First aiders will tend to minor injuries. Your child will be sent home with a first aid note and/or you will be verbally told. If a child has a bump to the head (skull), two members of staff will check the head, a first aid form will be completed and the child will wear a sticker to alert all staff during the rest of the day. For facial injuries, first aid will be given and the child will be checked 1 hour after first aid was given. If your child becomes unwell or has a significant injury at school, we will contact you to discuss options.