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Year 6 Residential

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Message from Everyone:  We have had a fabulous day swimming, climbing and abseiling.  Everyone has had fun and been amazing.

Wednesday – Messages home

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Archie: We made fire so the plane could see the smoke and rescue us and we did bridge building to see if we could make it strong enough. Miss you all.
Cisco: Today was really fun. We did low ropes. We had to save Shrek and I carried him round the course. Miss you bye x
Maddie: I loved the bridge building but I did it in the end and I really loved the low ropes. Miss you
Tilly: having great fun especially when I got really muddy. Miss you lots
Iasmina: it’s fun here- miss you
Leah: can’t wait to see you got very muddy on the low ropes.
Isabel: I enjoyed bridge building and it was strong enough to walk across. I got covered in mud during low ropes.
Tiffany: I didn’t fall in the swamp on low ropes miss you lots.
Zac: hi mum and dad. I’m having fun playing pool
Neve: hi I got really muddy today. Miss you.
Brooke: hi mum and dad. I got really muddy on the low ropes today, it was fun x
Alyssa: hi mum hope you’re having a good time at home. I’m having a good time here. I got really muddy on the low ropes today and we did bridge building and nearly fell into the swamp
Nikola: hi mum and dad went on the low ropes today and got muddy
Bailey: hi mum had a good time on my birthday
Sienna: got really muddy on the low ropes today. It was fun because we had hosepipe the mud off. We had lots of games of pool.
Taylor: I got really muddy which was disappointing because I was trying not to.
Ruby: I got really muddy on the low ropes today and now I smell!
Elise: I got really muddy on the low ropes today answer built a bridge to across a swamp. Miss you and love you
Cassilyn: we got absolutely soaked and drenched on the low ropes today. We had to be hosed down.
Tom: still missing you love you
Alfie: Loved today, really enjoyed the low ropes and it was fun getting muddy
Connor: it was really fun today. I got really muddy on the low ropes today, miss you.
Theo: It was really fun today and I liked the low ropes today.
Oliver: it was really fun on the low ropes today and I am enjoying this holiday
Madi: hi I miss you and I’m having fun. I got really muddy today and be prepared for my muddy clothes

Poppy: I got really muddy today in the swamp. I loved it miss you lots
Liam: I got the muddiest in the swamp then I got hosed down. It was very comfortable! Miss you




Tuesday – Messages Home

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Archie- enjoyed the archery and high ropes.

Bailey- archery is the best I got a bullseye on the last go.

Oliver- on the high ropes I got scared when it was coming up to my turn I didn’t think I’d make it that high to the tyre but I did!

Theo- I’ve enjoyed archery and the high ropes and it was a brilliant day.

Alfie- today was a great day I really enjoyed high ropes and archery.

Zac- I achieved the leap of faith and archery miss you all.

Tiffany- having a nice time the high ropes was good I got there in the end I love you.

Nikola- I had lots of fun doing leap of faith and I had fun doing archery. Miss you a lot.

Neve- I miss you loads see you soon tell you all about it.

Poppy- had great fun doing leap of faith see you soon.

Cassilyn- the week has been running smoothly so far I’m enjoying it.

Tilly- miss you lots can’t believe I did the leap of faith enjoying the week

Leah- can’t wait to see you all enjoyed doing the high ropes and archery.

Ruby- we did high ropes and archery today I was nervous but it was good.

Alyssa- it’s been lots of fun can’t wait to see you soon. We done high ropes and archery miss you love you lots.

Taylor- high ropes were hard but I was able be do it.

Sienna- high ropes were very scary but I had fun.

Liam- it’s really fun playing in the basketball court and playing pool.

Connor- really fun playing in the woods and we have been climbing trees.
Maddie B- I’m having a lot of fun I miss you but am looking forward to tomorrow.

Elise- happy birthday mum. I’m having a great time looking forward to low ropes tomorrow when I’m going to get really really muddy.

Isobel- it was really scary doing the leap of faith I had fun doing archery.

Brooke – I conquered my fears by doing the leap of faith.

Tom- hi mum and dad still missing you today I overcame my fears and did the leap of faith.

Cisco- hi mum archery was great fun the high ropes were amazing and thank you for paying for me to come.
Iasmina- it was great.

Maddie W – I liked today I loved the archery and the high ropes.

Messages to home – Monday

Cassilyn – the dinner was delicious

Maddie- I’m having a great time, dinner was delicious

Ruby – great first day, love you

Bailey – first day is great, love you

Theo – a brilliant day, hope it’s going to be good all week

Tiffany- enjoying it so far, love you

Isobel – it’s fun here, miss you all

Alfie – it was a great day, so far going well

Elise- hi, I miss you but I’m having a great time

Neve – hi, I’m having a great time and I miss you. See you soon

Madi – hi, I’m having a great time but I also miss you

Cisco – I’m having a wonderful time, we have explored the area. Sports hall was fun. I’m looking forward to the week.

Liam – I’m missing you, but we having a fun time and I can’t wait for swimming.

Nikola – I’m having a great time, miss you

Leah – I’m having fun, miss you

Connor – having a great time at Carotty Wood, miss you

Alyssa – it’s great here, miss you lots

Oliver – at first it was a bit scary but we have explored and I’m having a good time

Iasmina- it’s fun here

Tilly – miss you lots, having fun here

Poppy – miss you lots, having lots of fun

Archie- having fun and washing up!

Zac – having fun, miss you all

Taylor – residential is good fun

Tom – hi, Mum and Dad I miss you so much, this trip is amazing

Sienna – miss you all, having a good time

Brooke – I miss you, it’s great fun here.