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Global Neighbours

Teynham school’s work tackling global poverty recognised with Christian Aid award (June 2023)

Pupils at Teynham have been presented with a Bronze Award from Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours Scheme for their global citizenship work.

From toilet twinning and litter-picking to campaigning about poverty and climate justice pupils and staff at a Teynham school have been working hard to take their place as global citizens.

Teynham Parochial Church of England Primary School has achieved Bronze Award status in Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours scheme, in recognition of its initiatives to encourage children to think of others throughout the world.

The accreditation programme celebrates schools which are helping pupils learn about global poverty and the Christian responsibility to tackle it, as well as giving them the tools to play a confident part in creating a fairer world.


Mrs Pearson (Headteacher) said: “We are thrilled to be recognised for the work we have done as a whole school community to raise awareness of the extreme inequalities across our globe and perhaps more importantly, the steps we can take to address these. The pupils learn about global issues regularly and gain an understanding of injustice in our world. Our Global Influences Club has led our work on Toilet Twinning whilst raising awareness of global poverty.

“Pupils have been learning about examples of people who faced adversity and overcame this to be courageous advocates for change. These stories have challenged the whole school community to think about how each of us can make a difference in our local community and globally.

“Our world is increasingly connected and our hope is for our children to grow as responsible global citizens who care about issues such as the environment and access to healthcare. The children have especially enjoyed improving our local environment by lobbying for a wider range of local recycling services and involving our MP in a litter pick.”

Alison Brown, Global Neighbours Schools Programme Officer at Christian Aid, said: “The Global Neighbours Scheme was launched in partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office with a vision of helping young people understand more about the inequalities in this world and helping them to become courageous advocates for change.

“It’s wonderful to see how staff and pupils at Teynham have taken this to heart and are seeking to tackle injustice.

Circo Rum Ba ba

Circo Rum Ba ba joined the whole of Teynham primary to present an interactive show in March 2023.


Quotes from children

Yr R – “It was so funny”, “They talked about plants needing water” “The sprout was being cheeky shaking their bottoms at us”

Yr 1 – “How to make the soil happy” “I enjoyed when the sprout was doing the dance”

Yr 2 – “It was amazing and funny”, “Fantastic cartwheels and it was funny when they patted my head”, “I liked all the singing and dancing”

Yr 3 – “Enjoyed it as it was about nature and it made me happy”

Yr 4 – “Really good, all the acting and the sprouts interacting with us was really fuuny” “The message was planting more trees and not pollute”

Yr 5 – “ It made me feel happy, the message it gave me was clear about what plants need to grow” “Liked the screen”

Yr 6 – “Love it because it was fun – teaching us about the planet and showing us acrobatics, singing and dancing”