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Impact and Priorities



Impact and Priorities

Our bespoke curriculum, including targeted interventions, ensures that all children make progress. Our high expectations ensure that challenge is incorporated within all curriculum areas. Children demonstrate the impact of our curriculum through their behaviour for learning; children are confident and successful learners. All our school community are leaders of learning. Transition into secondary school is given priority so that children feel equipped to deal with their own emotional needs.
Visitors often comment on the positive behaviour of the children. They are caring and supportive of each other. Older children support younger children which help builds relationships across the school community. Children have an opportunity to share and celebrate their learning with each other, their parents and the wider community. An example of this are the weekly class blogs.
Our children know they have a voice and know they are not too young to make a difference. Children feel safe to try new things. Developing their resilience, spirituality and an understanding of their part within the world and their life-long love of learning is what motivates our curriculum.
Our Priorities
Please follow this link to see a table of  2021 – 2022 Main priorities