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We are really happy about being in Year 4 and are all getting on really well!

Our topic this term is Invasion and we are learning about Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking and many more. We have learnt about the timeline, how they formed our country, and the effects it had on Britain.

In our guided reading we have been reading “The King who Threw Away his Throne”. The books is about the Saxons, Pics and Scots. The King was a fool. We are really enjoying this book as it is funny in some parts.

In RE we have been learning about Creation, how Adam and Eve was tempted by the snake. We have learnt that one act can change the world forever.

In PPA we have been learning about different artists and how they use warm and cold colours to show different feelings. Some of us have been to forest school. Evie has had such a good time making her own sparks, Oliver and Bryan have been making massive dens, and William has been making a big throne.

In Science we have been learning about producers and consumers, food webs and chains. We have also been looking into different eco-systems.